We hope that this site will inspire people to become at the very least more aware, and at the best, active in improving their communities. This kind of citizen activism is vital so that everyone can be assured that they will have the freedom of thought, expression, and the kind of opportunity that is the American Ideal. Of late, these freedoms are under greater and subtler attack. In many instances, the American Reality is not living up to it's promise. Throughout the larger world, we are seeing similar struggles, and so the international framework will be part of our discussion as well.

We will confront problems such as the rise of religious extremism, the rapidity of scientific advancement without regard to its potentially adverse effects, the rise of the corporation as an entity wielding extremely powerful control over individuals with often negative consequences, the continual destruction of the natural world which supports us all, and the seemingly ineffectual nature of a government bureaucracy that is perpetuallty focused on ego and self-aggrandizement, rather than finding practical solutions that help us all.

The object of Consider The Future is to do just that - consider, debate, and thoughtfully discuss the direction we are taking not just in the United States, but as the human race, and what those choices will lead to. This is a forum where ordinary citizens can post essays communicating their concerns about issues, post articles they've read which helped increase their understanding of events in the world, and provide links to helpful resources and events.

It is our hope that this will give a voice to those who normally might go unheard, and contribute to community building and problem-solving in the larger world.

Thank you for visiting Consider The Future!

~ CTF Editor

United We Stand

"The future is not a gift, it is an achievement. Every generation helps to make its own future. This is the essential challenge of the present."

~ Robert F. Kennedy